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 There are no team-related activities with a group purchase, for larger teams and more complex training needs we offer facilitated programs and enterprise solutions.  You can learn more and request further information here.

The MBTI should not be used for employee selection for the following reasons:

  •  The MBTI identifies people who may like doing a particular kind of work, but not how well they might do that work. The MBTI does not identify the skills or abilities that predict success at any job.
  • The questions on the MBTI are transparent--respondents can “come out to be” any type that appears wanted for a job.
  • An organization that uses the MBTI for selection risks its credibility with prospective and current employees who are aware that use of the MBTI for selection is inappropriate.

You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and ultimately it is not one’s innate personality preferences, but rather their ability to fully leverage the strengths and avoid the pitfalls associated with their type that leads to success. Such self-awareness, therefore, should be considered the greater predictor of success. You don’t use the Myers-Briggs to predict how someone will perform – you use it to get the best performance out of the people you’re working with.


Have a gift code to redeem to take the Myers Briggs assessment?   Please click on the link and enter your gift code to redeem your gift.

Once you complete the assessment and the second part, the Interactive Learning Session, you will be able to download your report. If you log back into you will be taken to the Interactive Learning Session, please read through it and complete it. Once that is completed you will be able to download your results directly from the site. No results will be emailed to you.

The assessment can't be reset for you to take it again. Here is why you don't need to...

We understand that sometimes people answer the questions as if they were at work, or how they think they 'should' answer them. That is why we built the self-verification process after the assessment.

We ask you to choose which of the preference pairs you truly identify with after you learn about them.  You are then presented with two types: your reported type (how you answered the questions) and your self-verified type (the preferences you feel you identify with).

The only way to retake the assessment is to create a new account and pay for the assessment results again.  

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